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A place to talk movie

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Reels Community Information
Welcome to reels! Reels is a mostly defunct community for LiveJournalers to discuss movies and the industry. Simple as pie. There are other movie communities spread throughout LJ devoted to exactly this, but Reels plans to offer a little bit extra. Thus far, there are two "scheduled" themes each week:

Top Five Mondays. Each Monday, I'll post a prompt asking you to list your personal top five of a certain subject. (Think thefridayfive based on movies... and posted on Mondays.) Top Fives can range from top 5 movie quotes to top 5 films produced by Brian Grazer.
Best Of Thursdays. Similar to Top Fives, Best Ofs qualify as recommendations rather than favorites. For example, the best movies to watch on a date or the best movies with animal actors. On both counts, you can either simply list movies or also elaborate on why you chose the films you did.

Aside from these two themes, anything goes. Post movie reviews, news, questions, recommendations, or general discussion on a film, a genre, a director, an actor, etc. New, old, or upcoming movies are all very welcome. Reels is strongly dependent on participation, so please post and comment as much as your inner film buff desires. Find people who love the same movies or actors that you do. No question is too small, no film too obscure.

If there isn't very much posting or commenting activity, I have plenty of other themes up my sleeve to generate discussion. (Believe you me, I do.) Suggestions are always welcome! To suggest a Top Five, please go here; to suggest a Best Of, here; and to make general suggestions for the community or have interest in hosting an event, drop a line here.

Make yourself at home and start talking movie!
01 Membership is open.
02 Posting is unmoderated for now.
03 Ranting is allowed, but please respect fellow members. If you hate a movie, feel free to elaborate on why; do not call the poster or pther commentors a name for enjoying a certain movie. This isn't IMDb, folks.
04 No file sharing please.
05 Use LJ-cuts liberally. One movie poster can be posted outside of a cut, but any others or additional pictures must be behind said cut.

The community was created by asthecrowflies, and maintained by safelight.
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